3D Animation

The Canterville Ghost (Eng)


Canterville Chase

Canterville Chase

The current project of wigglyframes is „The Canterville Ghost“, based on the short story by Oscar Wilde.

It’s the first 3D film of that story.


The first trailer

The first Scene: The oil bottle …



The following files you may download:

(This section will be filled during the produktion phase.)

The Music

(Complete versions, to listen or download:)

* Trailer music : „3 minutes to midnight“ by Greendjohn

The Movie

Total: | MP4 (3.5 MB) | FLV (3.5 MB) |

Total: | mp4 (0.0 MB) | flv (0.0 MB) |

in parts of approximately 10 min:
Part 1: | mp4 (0.0 MB) | flv (0.0 MB) |
Part 2: | mp4 (0.0 MB) | flv (0.0 MB) |
Part 3: | mp4 (0.0 MB) | flv (0.0 MB) |

Complete film DVD, high definition picture and AC3 Sound (5.1 Sourround), incl. menus, Chapterselection and bonus material, like a MakingOf and a 3D-anaglyph-version (for red/cyan glasses).

as ISO-disc-image, may be burned on DVD by freeware like ImgBurn , BurnAware or Express Burn

Total: 0,0 GB (7-Zip packed)

In 7-Zip parts: Part_1 (0,0 MB) | Part_2 (0,0 MB) | Part_3 (0,0 MB) | Part_4 (0,0 MB)


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